Sustainability Training

Social Return on Investment (SROI) Training

The Social Return on Investment gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to measure and maximise the social value of your activities. So whether you’re a public body getting to grips with the Social Value Act, a charity measuring your impact and improving your services, or a private business looking at your triple bottom line, SROI training will help you.

How is it going to help you?

  • Quantify the impact created of your CSR programs; for instance, you will be able to calculate the social value created to your beneficiaries from every OMR 1 you have invested.
  • Better assess the effectiveness of current CSR programs and decide on future investments based on monetary indicators.
  • Present clearer impact reports to your top management and partners and strengthen your accountability for the budgets your have been granted to use.
  • Develop strategic social indicators of change; understand the way you’re are driving change in the local community.

Delivery Methodology

  • The training will be 95% practical where the trainer will take us, step-by-step, through the methodology to apply the SROI calculation.
  • The training will be a life-application on CSR programs; every attendee will work on measuring the impact of one of the programs that is deployed in his/her company.
  • At the end of the training, every participant should be able to calculate the social return on investment and impact created of his/her own CSR program.


Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Day 1

Day 2

General Introduction to Social Impact Measurement, SROI, Social Value International

Wrap-up day 1

Development of Financial Proxies – Impact Valuation

SROI Methodology and Impact Map

Scope and Stakeholder Identification

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Stakeholder Materiality, Intended Change and
Unintended Change

Deadweight, Displacement, Attribution and Drop-off

Inputs – Investments and Costs

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Development of Indicators of change, impact quantity and durations

Impact Calculation

New Impact Measurement Practices

Closing and Wrap-up

Sustainability reporting training

This training will introduce participants to global trends thinking on sustainability reporting, and how companies can create reporting strategies as part of a broader accountability mechanism to drive value creation.

In group discussions and exercises, presenters will walk participants through the development of a comprehensive sustainability reporting strategy, using OCGS Sustainability code and other global types of reporting approach and insights. Along the way, we will look at best-practice case studies from leading companies, introduce our thinking on how the various reporting standards overlap, and discuss how companies can use reporting as a tool to deliver positive sustainability outcomes and impacts.

Participants will leave the training with a stronger understanding of current trends in reporting and how to develop a coherent reporting strategy.

How is it going to help you?

  • Understand the business case of sustainability reporting and how to gain buy in from your management.
  • Learn about the different reporting frameworks and deep dive into GRI reporting.
  • Learn about the significance of benchmarking with your industry peers.
  • Understand the GRI Manual and the meaning and significance of different disclosures.
  • Understand all the key steps in GRI reporting including: resource management, stakeholders engagement, materiality, data gathering and analysis, GRI check application and report launch.

Delivery Methodology

  • The training will be a mix of presentation and practice, with the facilitator engaging attendees through practical examples.
  • Questions and discussions will be incorporated throughout the training, to give a chance to attendees to ask all their questions.
  • At the end of the training, attendees will be able to decide whether their organization is ready to report in-house or outsource, and understand all the key elements in GRI reporting.


Registration and Welcome Registration and Welcome
Business Case of Sustainability Reporting Quick Recap and Questions
Overview of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks Editing, Translation & Design
Introduction to GRI
(Understanding the GRI Manual & Disclosures)
GRI Approval & Database Registration
Coffee Break Coffee Break
Management Buy In & Identifying Resources Report Launch
Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement CSR and Sustainability Reporting in Oman / Omani Corp. Governance Code
Coffee Break Closing
Benchmarking Analysis
Data Gathering & Analysis
Closing and Lunch