Membership Benefits

The benefits of becoming a member in OCGS are listed below. The benefits are subject to change that include cancellation at the OCGS discretion.

Benefits of membership at OCGS

    • Become part of Oman’s only Membership for Corporate Governance and Sustainability.
  • Be part of respected and influential body.
  • Building a network of relationships with the members of the Boards of Directors and senior executives, which would allow them to exchange ideas and share experience in corporate governance and sustainability and build network with other stakeholders
  • Discounts on all training programs, events and services offered by theOCGS
  • Access to exclusive member annual networking  events run by OCGS.
  • Opportunity for publicity and visibility in OCGS publications and websites.
  • Invitation to other networking programs.
  • Easy access to the research papers and studies posted on the OCGS website done by OCGS partners and staff
  • Invitation to OCGS annual event
  • Opportunity to become a board member of OCGS
  • Free prints and editions produced by the Center